Unity3D has support for Linux. Just download the installer here: https://forum.unity.com/threads/unity-hub-v-1-6-0-is-now-available.640792/. Then make it executable using command chmod +x XYZ.appimage. XYZ is the name of the downloaded Unity Hub file.

After that, just login, select your license and click download for default location. If you want to change installation location, click gear icon on top right and select your desired location.

Here is the screenshot of running Unity 2018.3 on Arch Linux.

Now you can start learning and developing your own game. :)

Extra: To replace Visual Studio, you can use Jetbrains Rider. It support Unity and you can directly edit C# scripts in your Unity Projects.

P/S: For some weird reason, if your Unity IDE is so slow, try clicking pause (top center). This issue happen on my laptop using Intel UHD gpu.